ArtsPlay is a hidden gem. Of all the extracurricular preschool activities my daughter did, this was her very favorite! -Jean (Julia’s mom)

Katie wants everyday to be ArtsPlay. When I tell her it’s Wednesday…she leaps out of bed! -Charlotte (Katie’s mom)

Thank you for your passion and preparation over the last two years. Your expertise, in both art and drama, helped me see and draw out attributes in my own daughter that I may have missed otherwise. ArtsPlay has been a fabulous experience! – Denise (Cami’s mom)

Ari wakes up every morning and asks, “Do I have ArtsPlay today?!”- Rachel (Ari’s mom)

Thank you for being the best art and drama teachers EVER! I love you and will miss your class forever and ever! – (Charlotte, age 4)

Siena loves your class and asks everyday if she can go to ArtsPlay.  The kids are drawn to both of you! I love that you create such awesome art projects and tie it in with theater. She loves to paint and be on stage…so it’s the perfect combination!- Jennifer (Siena’s mom)