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We began this week’s art lesson by reading the adorable book Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward, which explains how birds use materials such as twigs, branches, grasses, mud and even spiderwebs to build their nests in places like trees, cliffs, beaches, water and in the snow. We talked about how we would build our own nests out of clay. We then talked about where clay comes from, how it feels when it is wet and how it feels when it is dry. We talked about the term texture, which we identified as the way something feels.


Miss Dana demonstrated how to make a pinch pot out of clay to serve as a bird’s nest.


Artists rolled their clay into a ball, pressed their thumb into the center of the ball to make a hole and then used their thumb and forefinger to pinch an even wall all around the outside, thus creating a “nest”. We then used twigs to press into the wet clay to add texture to the pinch pot nest. Miss Dana then showed artists how to make a little bird out of clay, as well as how to make eggs and worms. Artists were given small pieces of clay with which to make a bird, eggs and a worm.

kids clay

Next week when the clay is dry, we will add color to it.

art clay kidsIn drama this week, we read another Mo Willems book with Piggie and Gerald. There’s a Bird on My Head was a huge hit and received many belly laughs.

book4 book3


For voice, we sang ‘I’m a Little Birdie,’ to the tune of ‘I’m a Little Teapot.’

 Click here to hear our song!

After we warmed our voices up, we played an EGGcellent movement game. The children sat in a circle and one by one picked an egg from a nest. Each student then acted out whatever the note inside the egg said to do. Our performers, tweeted five times fast, pecked the ground for a worm, quacked and waddled, etc. The class was filled with anticipation as they waited to hear what the direction was in their chosen egg. They also sat patiently like respectful audience members while they watched their fellow peers perform.


Click here to see us soar!

Click here to watch us hoot!

Click here to watch us flap!

Next, we flew over to our ArtsPlay Theater where Miss Jenny discussed the words, blocking and exit. First, she gave stage directions to the actors and actresses and then handed out the costumes (wrist bands for feathers). The children followed Miss Jenny’s blocking onstage and exited stage left when it was their turn for our rendition of Five Little Ducks. Then each student came back center stage for a bow! They did a great job!

Click here to watch Five little ducks!


Our special hand squeeze and Yay! ArtsPlay! cheer ended the class. *The highlighted words indicate our ‘words of the day’. Asking your child about them will help reinforce what they have learned.