I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream… For ArtsPlay!

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We began our new session by reading the book Counting with Wayne Thiebaud by Susan Goldman Rubin, for art. We also looked at images in the book The Life and Art of Wayne Thiebaud: Delicious, also by Susan Goldman Rubin. We talked about Pop Art, an art movement of the 1960’s where many artists made paintings and sculptures of everyday objects, which is something that had not been done before. Wayne Thiebaud is actually thought to have been the inspiration for the Pop Art movement, as he began creating his colorful paintings of food in the 1950’s. We talked about what a sculpture is: something that is made from a variety of materials (clay, stone, papier­mache) and can be seen from all angles. Miss Dana showed the artists a sculpture she had made of an ice cream cone. The armature or base of the ice cream cone is made from a cup and a styrofoam ball, both of which are covered in newspaper strips and papier­mache paste.


Many of the artists in the class have made a sculpture and have used papier­mache before. Miss Dana brought all of the artists to a table and performed a demonstration on how to use the newspaper strips and a small amount of papier­mache paste to cover the entire armature with two layers so that the cup and styrofoam are no longer showing. She explained how even though the papier­mache paste is wet and sticky, it will dry hard.


Artists had a lot of fun making papier­mache ice cream cones this week … We can’t wait to see what they will look like when they are covered in paint!

art4  art3


We began our drama lesson this week by reading Should I Share My Ice Cream, by Mo Willems. This book, with two funny and dramatic characters named Gerald and Piggie, made a great introduction to expression.

art books After the story, Miss Jenny introduced the words chorus and acapella to the students. For voice, we practiced singing the chorus, without music (acapella), to Asheba’s song, ‘Ice Cream.’ Then, while pretending we were on a tropical island beating steel drums and eating an ice cream, we sang along with the music. song

 Click here to hear our song!

For movement, we partnered up and used our expressive skills to move to the ice cream version of ‘Little Miss Muffet.’ One performer was the spider and the other was Little Miss Muffet eating an ice cream.

Click here to see a demonstration of our movement piece!

Next, we headed over to our ArtsPlay Theater where a diner became our set. We continued working with our partners and created a scene. Each child had a turn to be a customer or an ice cream server. The customers had a good time using their imaginations to come up with various ice cream flavors to order and the servers had fun using the props. The audience members clapped when each scene concluded and the actors/actresses bowed. diners 2

diners 1  dienrs 4  diners 3

 Click here to watch our actors/actresses improvise.

Click here to watch another ice cream scene.

Our special hand squeeze and Yay! ArtsPlay! cheer ended the class. *The highlighted words indicate our ‘words of the day’. Asking your child about them will help reinforce what they have learned.